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I'm a master connector, serial shopper, born and raised Long Island Girl, and authentic entrepreneur. I'm addicted to helping others find purpose, the aisles of Home Goods, Spending time with my two girls and being the very best version of me I can. 

I wasn’t always the goal getter and risk taker I am now. In fact I was closed off to new experiences, completely content with coasting through life in a 9-5 and totally unaware of the opportunities available to me in the world of entrepreneurship.

For many years I devoted 60 hours a week to a corporate career that required me to travel frequently all across the country. Unfortunately, despite my continued efforts and commitment, I felt overworked, underpaid, and unfulfilled. However, after meeting my husband and having two beautiful daughters, my perspective on life began to change. I realized that my talents and passions could be used for something greater than just a corporate job. 
As a result, I started building networks of women, moms, and individuals who shared similar goals, dreams, and aspirations as I did. For well over a decade, I have been passionately connecting people, inspiring and motivating them to become the best versions of themselves. Through my efforts, I have created multiple businesses that allow me to continue to learn and grow while using my talents to their full potential. 

for growth.


Today, I am proud to say that my journey has been filled with, 

success, challenges,

and endless 

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What I

Every woman deserves to believe in themselves

Kindness is required to be a part of my life… be kind or be gone.. Legit no time for anything else.

My kids deserve the best me.. And it’s my job to go to work every day giving them just that.

Personal development should be taught in grade school.. Kids these days are exposed to wayyy to many things they are not emotionally equipped to handle. 

Everything is figureoutable… legit it is...

in my life:


What I hope to 





it's that simple



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