Cities across the country are filled with women hustling to achieve their dreams and meet their goals. It’s time for us Babes to strengthen our communities while supporting one another. We have come together to form a different kind of networking group, one where all are welcome - you don't even need a business to join. Come be inspired!

because together we are unstoppable.

We want this to be a place where you can all come share ideas and network with one another. A place where you can learn more about growing your business and get inspired. There are so many amazing, strong, bad ass business babes out there and we just wanted to put them all in one place -

 Why are we doing this? Because after a years of attending meet ups, we saw an opportunity to create a group of our own where one was lacking. So here we are -
Babes In Business is born!

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Babe Love

"Jenn always make sure to say hello to everyone who comes to the events and remembers you even when she's busy running around.  She creates an inclusive space full of support instead of competition and I'm always blown away by the talent in the room."