A bit about how I got here…

Curious about who I am and what exactly I do? If your answer is “no”… well then stop reading here… you will just get bored… 

But if “YES”… read away… I’m here to share a bit deeper into who I am and what got me to this very moment….

I am a 43 year old woman with two growing businesses, and a ton of hopes and dreams….  

Since my early teens I have worked 40 plus hours a week…I was in a management position by the time I was 17…. Making 6 figures by 21.

I spent all of my 20s in management roles and took many organizations and companies to double digit increases in revue. At my all time fave corporate position I created and implemented multiple training programs and policies for it’s multimillion dollar organization. That truly was my dream job… at the time. 

During that time I was married to someone who I knew was not my soul mate. If I am being totally honest.. We should have never walked down that aisle. Looking back now I am pretty sure I climbed the ladder to success at that dream job mostly because I never really wanted to go home to my then husband. He was a great guy.. Truly.. Just not for me. 

After 5 years of living in a marriage I did not believe in or want.. I made one of the hardest and bravest decisions of my life. 

I left. 

And never looked back.

I was blessed to have my parents take me in at the time until I got on my own two feet and within days of living back home I ran into an old crush at a bar… Our story goes back a bunch of years prior, every summer in our early 20s, we “hooked up” on the weekends and crashed at each others hamptons rentals.. but our make out sessions and overnight fun never really amounted to anything more. … But I am happy to say that run in at the bar stuck….

To make a very long story short, 12 years later I am married to a man I have loved since I was a 21 year old girl dancing on the bars in the Hamptons.. 

me and my babe… love him

 We have a beautiful home, a beautiful family and I can honestly say i am married to my soul mate. 

But friends… let’s also be honest about real life right….  We fight, we yell, we cry, we struggle. We are real and we go through lots and lots of real moments. Days are long and there are moments i don’t even understand how other women actually survive motherhood and marriage?

Like is it ever gonna get easier? I for sure feel like we put this crazy insane pressure on ourselves.. Don’t even get me started when it comes to social media and how i think we are completely over “influenced” by it.

I know the struggles I often face by being someone who runs two businesses primarily on social. I go to work every day with the commitment to stay true to myself to not feel the pressures or to compare myself to others in my field. I am not smart enough, skinny enough, I don’t have as many followers or views.. Blah blah blah… It really can get exhausting for sure. 

Especially when I see the same pressures on my girls… at 6 & 7 i made the colossal mistake of letting them get Tik Tok… I thought it was super cute when they did the videos and danced the dances.. But I quickly realized the rabbit hole it took them in.. wether they were watching some “tiktok famous” girl prancing around in a crop top or they were stalking the page of girls they knew and wanted to be friends with… NOTHING positive came out of it. Its now GONE.. long gone.. Never to come back until… well not sure… but no time soon. 

But anywhoooo.. I could rant about social media, my girls and so much more for DAYSSSSSS… 

But.. another day another time… 

Back to me… my pursuit of “happiness” and what brought me to where I am today… 

Once I got married and had my girls I knew it was time to really focus on what the most to me.. Hands down.. My family. 

I began a journey I will always look back on as one of the greatest choices I have ever made in my life. 

I joined a Network Marketing company… now here’s the thing.. I know i just had so may of you go… ughhhh.. Here it goes.. My cheesy sales pitch or me trying to “get you”.

Well no fear friends.. It’s the last thing I am gonna do.. Not because I dont sell products and not because I don’t encourage anyone who is interested to take a look at the comp plan.. 

You see… Network Marketing and my company single handedly lead me to where I am today. It transformed my life, both physically and financially. It simultaneously grew my mindset, my belief in myself and my bank account.. 

It led me to creating Not Just a Mom Movement, an online community for moms that has brought me some of the most enriched relationships in my life. 

It brought me Babes In Business, my newest biz venture and truly the cumulation of all my hopes and dreams… 

It gifted me some of the most incredible friends and teammates. 

I sincerely could list 100 more things this biz model and profession has given me. 

But what I can share at this very moment. Right here and right now… is that Network Marketing has shown me what’s possible.. And its pretty much why I can sit here, at 9pm, in my bed and type away. 

So thats the short, long story of what has led me to where I am today… more to come… another day..

xo, Jenn

December 20, 2020

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