my five fave to get your fitness on…..

My fitness journey has had it’s fair share of ups and downs. I have been both crazy into my fitness routine and then months could pass without me feeling even an ounce of desire to work out.   But you know the saying… It’s all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit. 

I for shit sure know I am not alone in this god damn rollercoaster… So many times I speak to women and they share the same sentiment I feel… And more times than not there is guilt and resentment surrounding their journeys. 

Especially these days, Covid has completely altered our routines and our motivation. All the time spent home back in March we found it WAYYY easier to cook, clean, pop a bottle of wine.

(or if your are like me.. two..LOL)

But our workouts may have fallen by the waste-side. 

Now fast forward to the winter months, holiday craziness, our heads are spinning with all we have going on… It never gets easier to allocate that time to get our workouts in. 

And let’s get real NO ONE wants to even enter a gym anymore. It actually breaks my heart for all these small gym owners who have put their blood, sweat and tears into their facilities only to have covid pretty much wipe out their client base…. I could go on and on about that and truly will save my thoughts and feelings around what covid has done to small businesses for another blog post.

But for now I’ve compiled FIVE of my most fave online options to get your workout in at home.

I wanted to be sure I compiled something for everyone. Giving options for those who are on the same struggle bus as me, or those of you reading that have been killing your at home workouts but are ready for a change of pace or a challenge. 

  1. PopSugarFitness

Pop sugar has been my go to since for as long as I can remember. Its FREE, easy to access, contains variety and its FUN! The Popsugar brand is INCREDIBLE and provides so many incredible resources to women. 

  1. Peloton On Demand

Well hands down a life changing app. I have had my Peloton for three years and it was one of the best investments I have made for my fitness and family. But you don’t have to own the bike to take advantage of the app and all it has to offer. From bootcamps, to running, to pilates, to yoga, to barre, to sculpting, to mediation I have tried every single option the app offers and I promise it doesn’t disappoint. There is a fee associated with being an app user. But if you are looking for motivation, inspiring instructors, and sooo much more than a workout I highly recommend you checking Peloton out. 


Another paid program but here you get a more customized work out regime. You have a start point and it takes you on a journey. Workouts are “assigned” and you follow their lead. This is def a great option for those who require a bit more structure in their workouts and maybe are not sure what to do each day. For sure worth the investment and anyone I know who uses this platform is a lifer.. Which speaks volumes to the power of Pwr.


So I may be a bit biased on this one here. Only because the platform was created by my bestie Diane Ferrara. The Movemeant has evolved for her over the years and during quarantine she took her passions and created something super affordable and super effective. With her extensive dance background and her love for pilates based movement she created simple, minimal to no equipment workouts that you can do in even the smallest of spaces at home. Her targeted workouts are BEYOND challenging and will leave you feeling that fabulous feeling of SORE for days to come! 


The Future of Fitness made my list for a few reasons. It’s platform is in the instagram world only. It’s also VERY NEW. They used Facebook as their primary platform and was also created during quarantine. Where different instructors form all over went live each day and provided the FB group a workout to do from home. From yoga, to dance fitness, to Zumba, to boot camps They provide variety, fun and it’s all FREE. What I also love is that it provides personal growth and development too. Different people share different experiences with their lives and how they have overcome personal challenges. They provide insight and support for the viewers and followers and recognize that a healthy body also requires a healthy mind. Head over to their insta feed today to get a dose of inspiration today. 

So there you have it…. My reccos are here for you! And you can do as you will with them… But my advice… just do something.. Each and every day… to move your body. I promise you will thank yourself if you do.

December 20, 2020

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